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Security grilles and shutters across Wales

If you're looking for added security for your home or business, security grilles and shutters could be the answer.


With over 38 years' experience in the industry, Door Fabrications Limited is the ideal choice when it comes to standards-compliant security shutters and grilles in the Swansea area. All of our products are designed and manufactured for each individual client, ensuring maximum security.


The security grilles and window shutters are installed to ensure additional protection for your doors and windows. Depending on the customer requirements, grids/mesh or heavy gauge bars are amongst the options available. These can provide protection from potential burglars or vandals, or from a safety angle, protection from hazardous environments or fires; we provide fire rated shutters which have achieved up to a 6 hour fire rating, and fire doors; all of which shutters fully tested and certified to the latest standard




Fire shutters and doors can be installed to section off a particular part of your building or your whole building. The aim of fire shutters is to ensure your business is protected from the threat of fire and offering significant delays in the spreading of potential fires


To arrange a site survey, or simply to discuss our range, call us now and we'll be happy to help.